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: 05/06/2019
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BEREA Joe Thomas Jersey , Ohio (AP) Browns defensive end Chad Thomas sustained a sprained neck but avoided a more serious injury during a scary moment at training camp.Thomas was immobilized on the field and taken by ambulance to University Hospitals.A team spokesman said Thomas, a third-round pick in 2018, was back at the Browns facility Monday evening. His return to practice will be evaluated on a day-to-day basis.Thomas appeared to absorb a blow to his right shoulder and head area during a play. The 6-foot-5, 280-pounder stood up but then went to the ground, where he was treated by Browns medical personnel.As his teammates and fans at camp watched somberly, Thomas was put on a backboard and carted away.Its never a moment at any point in time in any sport or in anything thats a sight that anybody wants to see, wide receiver Jarvis Landry said. Chads in our prayers.Thomas appeared in four games for the Browns last season. Hes expected to be in Clevelands defensive line rotation this season.Kitchens said Thomas injury was a reminder of footballs physical nature.In our game, thats reality, he said. Sometimes that happens during the course of a game and mentally weve got to keep moving forward. At the end of the day, this is still practice, so you dont want to see your teammate laying there.But again, the protocol for anything like that is sometimes it looks worse than it is. Not to make any light of it. Its a serious nature Chris Hubbard Color Rush Jersey , but Joe (Sheehan, team president of player health and development) and his staff did everything to protocol to make sure there was no damage done after the fact.Guard Joel Bitonio said he was encouraged to see Thomas get up after the play.We kind of saw him moving around out there, so we were hoping it wasnt too serious, Bitonio said. But anytime they bring the stretch board out and put someone down, its great to hear that hes moving and theyre just doing extra tests now to make sure everything is OK.Landry said its imperative to not think about the possibility of getting hurt.Is it something that we think about all the time? No, he said. Obviously we know it happens but we never really want it to happen to ourselves or anybody else, you know? On any play it could be anybody. Its just the game we play and it happens. Hue Jackson doesnt have a job, the first time in 32 years he has a fall with nothing to do. He hopes its a one-year hiatus.Despite going 8-8 in one season as the head coach of the Raiders and 3-36-1 in 2 1/2 seasons in Cleveland, Jackson wants another chance.Oh, yeah, I mean I think I can, Jackson said Wednesday on Charlottes WFNZ 102.5 FM. I mean https://www.brownsfanshop.com/Seth-Devalve-Jersey , just because the situation in Cleveland [didnt work out] doesnt mean that you cant coach. Theres a lot of great coaches who came before me that coached there and went on and did great things. Sometimes, the situation is different. I think if people dig in and really take the time to look at the overall situation there, maybe they would understand it more. At the same time, I understand what narrative gets put out there, thats what people know. Hopefully, people will think back to the times when Ive put myself in that position. I had to be doing something right. To go back and be a coordinator again or be a head coach, I do believe its in my future. Ive just got to go work through the process and see where it goes.Jackson, 53, interviewed for the head coaching job of the Bengals and the offensive coordinator job with the Cardinals during the offseason. But he isnt likely to get to get a third chance to make a second impression as a head coach.Instead, Jackson likely is remembered for his abysmal record in Cleveland. Thats not how Jackson wants people to remember him.Heres a guy who knows how to overcome, Jackson said when asked his narrative. Theres a lot of people who would run from it all. Im not going to run from it. At the end of the day, our staff and the people who led Cleveland Kevin Zeitler Jersey , that doesnt mean those coaches cant coach or they dont understand what theyre doing. Maybe that just wasnt the right fit, the right situation for that group, and they just need to have the right opportunity to have success.Jackson has coached for six NFL teams and at five colleges. Despite the record and the criticism he has drawn from inside the building since leaving, Jackson said he did his best coaching with the Browns.Ive said this before, I think during those times, it was probably some of the best coaching I did contrary to what people think, because youre always doing anything and everything you can to find a way to win, Jackson said. Now, whether it happens or not, thats not up to me sometimes. Again, I think I learned a lot.
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: 21/09/2020
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