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Adam McInturff takes us through 2080s end-of-season update

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: 23/04/2019
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ͺͺ: 08/05/2019 9:18 am    ͡з: Adam McInturff takes us through 2080s end-of-season update ͺзͧ¤Ӿٴ(quote)

s on players who represent the future of the organization."WhiteFanposts Sections News & RumorsAnalysisPodcastsProspects & DraftGame CoverageFull ArchiveMasthead Social Marlins Players on TwitterFish Stripes on InstagramMarlins Media Members Fish Stripes Best of 2018 Marlins StoriesScheduleRosterStatsCommunity Guidelines StubHub 鉁昉odcastsMiami Marlins Prospects and Draft CoverageFish Bites Podcast Episode 8: Marlins Prospect Analysis with 2080 BaseballNew Carlos Santana Jersey ,1commentAdam McInturff takes us through 2080s end-of-season updates on top Marlins prospects.ByAram Leighton@AramLeighton8Sep 22, 2018,9:30am EDTShareTweetShareShareFish Bites Podcast Episode 8: Marlins Prospect Analysis with 2080 BaseballFirst-round draft pick Connor Scott earned an aggressive promotion to Low-A Greensboro within a couple months of pro ball.Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY SportsAdam McInturff, Assistant Director of Scouting 2080 Baseball, joins the show to talk about Marlins prospects. Adam saw many of the Marlins top prospects play extensively this season and talks about 2080 Baseballs assessment of the Marlins system.Aram and Adam kick things off with the Marlins new draft picks: Connor Scott http://www.philliesfanproshop.com/authentic-pat-neshek-jersey , OsirisJohnson, WillBanfield (0:00-20:00) as well as several other impact Greensboro players (25:00). The pair revisit the Christian Yelich trade and check in on the prospects that the Marlins got in return and finish things up with a game of Buy or Sell on some of the Marlins most overachieving prospects this past season.To hear the podcast and to see 2080 Baseballs write-up, click the links below. ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) Major League Baseball is changing the name of its disabled lists to injured lists.Deputy Commissioner Dan Halem said Thursday the change is being made at the suggestion of advocacy groups for the disabled, including the Link20 Network.Clubs were notified of the change in a Dec. 20 memo to clubs from Jeff Pfeifer Will Middlebrooks Jersey , senior director of league economics and operations in the commissioners office. The change was first reported by ESPN.In recent years, the commissioner has received several inquiries regarding the name of the Disabled List,' Pfeifer wrote. The principal concern is that using the term disabled for players who are injured supports the misconception that people with disabilities are injured and therefore are not able to participate or compete in sports. As a result, Major League Baseball has agreed to change the name Disabled List to be the Injured List at both the major and minor league levels. All standards and requirements for placement, reinstatement http://www.philliesfanproshop.com/authentic-pat-neshek-jersey Jersey , etc., shall remain unchanged. This change, which is only a rebranding of the name itself, is effective immediately.The major leagues have had disabled lists of 10 and 60 days, plus a seven-day list only for players with concussions. MLB has proposed to the players association that the 10-day list go back to a 15-day minimum Jake Arrieta Jersey , its level before 2017.
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: 21/09/2020
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